I used Blackboard for grades for the first time, putting grades in as we went along. I downloaded them to excel and double-checked the calculations a couple of times, though, because I don’t really trust Blackboard.

And because I wanted to be transparent and all, I posted participation grades during finals week, so that students could know what their grade was before turning in the final essay.

But then, doing final grades if I wanted to bump a 92.3 to an A instead of the usual A-minus, I had only these two options, neither of which I liked:

1) let students know that I bumped their grades

2) fudge the grade on actual intellectual work (the final essay) to make the numbers come out

And I had to make my class unavailable on Blackboard while I worked all this out. Next time I’ll post overall participation very last thing.

(Received a grade question seven hours after posting grades, incidentally. I referred the student to my webpage on doing the math. The student asked for the participation and final essay grades. I referred the student to Blackboard.)