Easily Distracted:

a great liberal arts course would interweave studying the history of cars and traffic, the public policy of transportation, and a hands-on disassembly and reconstruction of an actual automobile.

Ooh, I want to take it. Of course, I’m fascinated by traffic and infrastructure, such that I’m about to add another category to my blogroll. A friend said “I don’t know how you’ve driven across country three times—I would get so bored.”

This is me, driving:

  • “Ooh, water!”
  • “Is that car gonna pass the car in front, I wonder?”
  • “Ooh, logs on a truck!”
  • “Oh, I wanna take this road so I can go over the bridge.”
  • “Ooh, river!”
  • “Oh, bummer, we missed the ferry by 10 minutes.”
  • “Hey, I’ve never seen that road sign before.”
  • “Ooh, water!”

and so forth….

After that trip, I changed my avatar to a river valley, and set up keywords in iPhoto to make smart albums of “river”, “lake”, “waterfall”, and “water”. I also have a “peace” keyword, for pictures that make me feel happy and relaxed. Every single one of them has water in it.

Hayden Valley, Yellowstone