Coming up to red lights, I change lanes so that I won’t be the car holding up a stream of right-turn-on-red drivers.

I think small things are IMPORTANT. Here’s why.

A scene from Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (intro and novel text quoted from this webpage making a similar point about coding):

Some demons are meeting and discussing the evil things they’ve done — tempting a priest, corrupting a politician, etc. — and one of them proudly declares that he tied up a phone system for most of an hour:

What could he tell them? That twenty thousand people got bloody furious? That you could hear the arteries clanging shut all across the city? And that then they went back and took it out on their secretaries or traffic wardens or whatever, and they took it out on other people? In all kinds of vindictive little ways which, and here was the good bit, they thought up themselves? For the rest of the day. The pass-along effects were incalculable. Thousands and thousands of souls all got a faint patina of tarnish, and you hardly had to lift a finger.

Oh, and that series of ads where people see someone doing something nice, and then do something nice themselves, and a third person witnesses it, and so forth?  I LOVE those ads. Can’t believe I haven’t already blogged about them.