So, re administration, I was feeling unsure about student affairs/advising because I felt it might involve too much preliminary counseling of students. In a great talk with my assistant chair, who is a friend, I have just been reminded of:

—development work: I can reach out to faculty about their concerns, talk football with donors, use communication skills and technological comfort for creating presentations, etc.

—admissions: the other side of the development coin, in a way. I wasn’t thinking of that because I know entry-level there involves the recruiting circuit, and that’s a job for 22-25-yr-olds. But I’ve got a good friend who could educate me on those possibilities, and just realized my current job might offer the potential to build some experience in that direction.
—registrar’s office: apparently now they want registrars to have advanced degrees. That’s the technical and planning side of advising. I can work on my master plan of letting students search for classes by course description! No idea otherwise of what this involves, but my assistant chair has a friend I can talk to.

Later this week I talk to my chair. We shall see.