I’m really happy to see a tech-savvy government, but sometimes I wonder if this is a wee bit out of control.

A thoughtful piece on the federal government as tech startup that you should probably read instead.

A messy list I’ve been keeping since January as the White House blog shows up in my RSS reader:

  • Data.gov (federal data. download and remix. pure awesomeness)
  • Whitehouse.gov
  • Recovery.gov
  • AStrongMiddleClass.gov (actually Biden’s, but whatever)
  • MakingHomeAffordable.gov
  • FinancialStability.gov (actually the treasury’s)
  • HealthReform.gov
  • Opportunity.gov (depts of Education and Labor)
  • FuelEfficiency.gov
  • Regulations.gov (apparently existed since 2003)
  • Serve.gov
  • USA.gov (“official portal into US government”)
  • usaSpending.gov

Social Networking:

  • Facebook.com/WhiteHouse
  • MySpace.com/WhiteHouse
  • Twitter.com/WhiteHouse
  • Flickr.com/WhiteHouse
  • Vimeo.com/WhiteHouse
  • YouTube.com/WhiteHouse