• You have to open up a new window to post them. Sometimes you can bring the original post back for review (sans links, photos, or blocked-out quotations), but not always. So quoting is a big-ass hassle. And if you want to keep the page open to follow the discussion and check back for new comments, the window title is not-so-helpful.
  • If you prefer to use a Name/URL for ID, you have to select that option and re-enter it every single time. WordPress.com with Firefox on a Mac usually has mine pre-entered.
  • The comments only show a time posted, not a date. You have no clue whether a thread is dead or not, or how many days elapsed between comments.
  • The captchas seem to expire if they sit there too long. So if you write a long comment, look up some links, think about it, re-read the other comments to respond to them, then it is invariably rejected on the first try. Sometimes technology actually does help dumb us down.
  • Depending on how the comments are set up and how many times you failed the captcha, you might have to hit Back 6-7 times to review the original post after commenting.
  • If you post a URL beginning with http://, WordPress automatically turns it into a clickable link. Blogger does not.

This is pretty much why I went for WordPress instead of Blogger, because I much preferred commenting on it (I will admit that templates in Blogger seem much more customizable, and I am envious of the blogrolls with excerpts of recent posts).

By the way, people using Blogger? Especially those of you with the cool icons? If you want, you can put your avatar into Gravatar.com and then it should show up on WordPress.com blogs too (and possibly other places). People using other systems who have been forced to create an annoying Blogger profile just to comment in certain places might also want to add their avatar to the profile.

Does anyone know how to make Firefox do a site search? Because some blogs don’t have search boxes.

And while I’m whining—to a number of faculty whom I shall not address directly, because none of us really have the right to complain about how other people run their blogs (which doesn’t stop me): seriously, your blog is very little different from mine, a mix of personal and academic posts addressing little controversial material or touchy issues that tend to draw haters and trolls. How is that you can’t allow anonymous comments or the Name/URL option and everyone has to sign in to comment, but I’m totally fine leaving mine wide open? Is my readership really substantially lower than yours? (I rarely check it, but it seems pretty low.) Are there trolls out there I just never see? Does WordPress.com actually do a better job on spam? What am I missing?