Once we grew up a bit and learned each other, my sister and I started getting along pretty well. But there are some things that still speak to how much we don’t think alike.

She wants me to be healthier. So she talked up reading this book about a vegan, oil-free diet—“just 145 pages! It’ll take you no time at all! You can skip all the recipes at the end.” Apparently thinking I would be converted! and see the light! after reading the book. The book told me very little about healthy eating that I didn’t already know, and what was new to me was not presented with enough evidence for me to believe it. (One woman cured her own breast cancer with this diet! really?) The part I needed to read, to prove that a healthy diet was feasible for me, was the recipes. And the section on setting up your kitchen.

She has a pale yellow living room couch and is obsessive about keeping it nice. Result: I don’t sit on it. At all.

I think she organizes her books by size.

Nevertheless, she volunteered to take me in if I wound up jobless, and even said (after a pause), that I could bring the cats, who must be kept away from the yellow couch and who chewed up all her plants when they visited earlier. That’s love.

My sister doesn’t read this blog (I hope) or even know it exists (I think), but anyhow, Happy Birthday!