I decided to experiment with the “add a custom photo banner” feature in Blackboard 9 (not a new feature, that’s just the version we are using. We just upgraded to it. I used to be functional with Blackboard. Now I don’t know how to do anything. EdTech are holding workshops but offer no FAQ or anything. Neglected to update their own default note on how to make the coursepage available to students. To hell with workshops, I’m just going to telephone every time I have a question, workshops are a fucking inefficient means of communicating information. Almost as bad as video. Okay, anyhow….).

No notes on size of photo or anything, so I just uploaded any old photo, assuming either it would let me crop it, or would automatically crop it to banner shape and size.

No. It did seem to crop it, in that the photo seemed to be vertical instead of the original horizontal, but it loaded the entire thing, zoomed larger, so that any user was forced to scroll down past a whole lot of blue sky, past a couple screens worth of photo, to get actual information.

Why, Blackboard, why? Is this hard? How hard can it be to automatically crop a photo?