I’m late, of course, but for intelligent comments about Polanski, visit Victorianitas, among others.

However, in a random google inspired by Polanski, I came across this webpage from lawyers specifically positioning themselves as defenders of young men accused of statutory rape. In the Texas A&M region, home to some fifty thousand college students.

Now, I recognize that these lawyers are trying to win defense clients, and I assume especially trying to appeal to parents who may be paying the bills. But I think some of the underlying assumptions are really interesting to see laid out in marketing copy.

Aggressive defense for college students
…They look for the motive behind the accusation — an upset parent, pregnancy, or guilt — and strive to have the charges dropped….

Bedrock assumption that it’s not really rape.

Protecting clients from the assumption of guilt
…They[the public] often assume the alleged “rapist” knew what he or she was doing and do not take into consideration outside influences, like drugs or alcohol or even consent.

Having a hard time seeing how that doesn’t include the suggestion “well, you can’t blame him for things he did while drunk.”