What are your thoughts on whether it’s appropriate for students to say the n-word in class, when quoting a important source that uses it?

I think I yelled at a student (ETA: not for that—after dealing with the n-word issue). I felt obliged to emphasize to all the students that there are many contexts in which the n-word would not be appropriate, even when quoting, because it has acquired a taboo status in American culture.

And then I went off on the student doing the presentation for being elitist, and for having major inconsistencies in the way the project is set up (ETA: and talked to him after for 5 minutes after that—that was the possible yelling). Incidentally, I wasn’t even the professor, just covering a class for a friend in the department.

(Student, luckily, likes to be challenged and has already forgiven me. But it’s a bit odd, to be expecting to be calmly, coolly teaching and suddenly find myself all passionate. Left me a bit frazzled.)