This is totally not about my career. Rather, it’s about my hair.

I cut it all off. So, I went from long (past my shoulders) dark curly hair to short (ear-length) curly hair, a length I have only seen on my head in baby pictures. And from wearing it off my forehead to having bangs.

Anyhow, it’s not just that I have to move the accumulation of hairsticks and hairclips into a box since I will not be wearing them for a while. And switch out wide headbands for thin ones.

It’s also that, with less hair, I seem to need less eyebrow. And more earring, and more necklace.

And also that, for the first time in my even remotely professional life, I have few options. Previously, I was able to wear my hair up in a bun to seem older, adding chopsticks to seem edgy, letting it down to go out at night, adding decorated clips for special occasions, putting it in a messy ponytail for the gym, and so forth.

Now, no matter what, I’ve just got a mop of ringlets. Insouciant, a colleague said.