dishcloth sampler 1
Dishcloth sampler #1. You can’t tell, but the bumpy part in the middle is a disastrous attempt at seed stitch that looks better here than in real life. There’s a yarnover thing I hadn’t figured out.

dishcloth sampler 1 redux
Dishcloth sampler #1 redux.

dishcloth sampler 2
Dishcloth sampler #2. Much better. I designed the pattern stitches myself. My sister proclaimed me ready to move onto a hat. That was while we were in Hawaii. I started the hat, but have done nothing on it since I left my sister’s house. I’m pretending it’s because my cats will attack string, but really it’s because I’d rather play around on the internet to keep my hands busy. That’s okay, because I’m knitting a hat for her kid, but she isn’t even pregnant yet, and I designed the hat way too large. So if I finish it in about four years, it’s probably fine.