The best dancer in the halau just brought her eleven-day old son to practice. I’m pretty sure she only missed last week’s class, meaning she was in class three days before delivering.

But she’s not in my class. She’s in the advanced troupe, and only comes to my class as an apprentice teacher. Her other children are 8, 7, 5, and 3, and she does hula two nights a week, with occasional performances. Wow.

A woman who is in my class—her husband just died two days ago. She was in class, helping organize for the concert in two weeks, offering to let dancers from the halau an hour away stay at her house. I mean, she says she needs to keep busy, but my goodness!

Also, my arms are seriously sore. Here, try this. Hold your hands up to your chest, with your elbows straight out, below your shoulders and about level with your breasts. Now, you can do whatever you want with your hands, but don’t let your elbows drop any lower than that.

For about the next ten minutes.

On and off for two hours.