Staying out in the country—seriously country, like on 8 acres 40 miles from Sacramento, in the foothills.

Anyhow, no internet unless I drive to a cafe, or 20 miles to visit my mother, and very unreliable cellphone signal—I started chortling about being off the grid for Christmas around 1 December. Might twitter occasionally when the towers are behaving, e.g.:

“ooh, we just found more lights! What else can we decorate?”

(answer: the tree, the railing on the desk, a tree out front, icicles over the front door, a mini-tree on the porch….then we really ran out of lights. so we just stuck up greenery everywhere)

Enjoy the break, don’t let the conferences get you down if you are going, and Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, all!