The blog of an educated professional, sent homeless by the recession and major medical bills (hat tip Bitch PhD:

I get a lot of comments suggesting that I really need to just take any old job that I can, so I wanted to address the financial realities of that. A low paying job, after taxes and deductions are taken out, will not meet even our lowered barebones expenses. A job paying $15 an hour – which is actually a higher wage than a lot of the ‘any old jobs’ listed these days (most pay around $10-11 an hour) after taxes and deductions (I’m estimating those combined at around 25%) would net around $1800 a month. That’s what unemployment pays now. But since I would have to put all 4 children in an afterschool program (and camps during breaks), that expense would increase by $924 a month over the $308 I pay now (and camps would be much more – summer camp for 4 kids runs around $540 a week/$2160 a month). So I’d have the same income but almost a thousand dollars more in expense just in childcare during the school year.

So, basically, nationalized childcare might be cheaper than paying unemployment and would presumably be better for the economy?

ETA: alternatively, if we are going to pay women to stay home with their children (and I think that’s not a half-bad idea), let’s not make it a shameful wrong thing, but recognize that this is important work they do.