I should have written and posted this yesterday, in the glow, but since I am currently frantically preparing for class, perhaps I can recapture it….(and indeed, I originally forgot the last couple of items)

  • a good conference, yay!
  • there was sunshine, yay!
  • saw good conference friends, yay!
  • caught up with grad school and high school friend, yay!
  • brunch, outside, with mimosas and laughter, yay!
  • home again, yay!
  • things are blooming, yay!
  • overhauling my life, yay! (high school friend said, “I didn’t want to ask how it was going, in case it stressed you out…” “ha! I am so not stressed!” yay!)
  • ordered new funky glasses, yay!
  • glasses only cost $200 instead of the $600 I’d budgeted for progressives, yay!