Standing in a fabric store, researching which type of satin is best for pillowcases, how much satin I need, how to pick good thread.

Taking quick and easy shots in the process of sewing. I need to do more of this, I like to document things in the making.

Shots of pretty brocades in the fabric store to send to my friend so I can learn her tastes before making her a gift.

Shots of fabrics I want to make something from someday. I anticipate a lot of A-line or full skirts. Trying to figure out how I could make beautiful raw silk an everyday fabric, since I don’t need formal clothing.

Syncing my custom Fabrics, Projects, Patterns relational database to the phone so that I can continue to add pictures, ideas, notes on the go. In fact, I find myself adding pictures on the phone, because it’s way easier than using my laptop.

• • •

Unfortunately, I see a lot of rationale here for moving up to a phone with a better camera when Apple (presumably) releases one this summer. Maybe I can hold out another year. Planning to jailbreak after my warranty is up and the new one is out—that should help.