About a day after posting how I used my phone more than ever before, I went to slide it into my purse while leaving the house, missed the pocket, and dropped it about 4.5 feet onto my concrete stoop, where it bounced down onto the next step.


No case, either.

The glass shattered.

But the phone still works fine, and the glass shattered in place, it didn’t fall out of the frame. I used it, even, although it felt a little prickly. I immediately drove to the AT&T store and bought a plastic film protector (set of three). As the glass continued to spiderweb, producing little shards, I had to take off the first film and put on the next one, but so far that’s holding up.

Not very comfortable to read on, though.

I’m just hoping I can hold out until the release of the next iPhone (June? July? August?) this way….

I think I’ll buy a case for the next one.