Ta-Nehisi Coates is killing it over at the Atlantic. First critiquing , then yes, honoring confederate history month. I only linked a couple of pieces, but there’s a whole series worth reading.

But the one piece I found most weirdly interesting was David Frum’s contention that people shouldn’t get all het up over the recent insipid proclamation, when Gilmore’s 1991 proclamation offered much more praise and respect to actual named Confederates, as well as denouncing slavery. And of course, as a historian, I much preferred Gilmore’s—I don’t really care if white Virginians want to honor their Confederate ancestors. Everyone needs some myth in their life. It’s not the respect for Confederates, but the active distortion of history and the incompleteness of the story, that creates the problem.

And I thought it was really odd that David Frum, who I just now heard of after the AEI thing but who has been constructed as the last intellectual Republican, can’t see that.