Is naming a drink “AZ 1070” an effective way to ridicule Arizona’s unAmerican anti-immigrant law?

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Honest question. I can’t decide. The server asked the bartender what the name meant, and she (herself with a little bit of an accent) came back laughing, so I guess the bartender made it funny, but…

* * *

At trivia last week, the server suggested my friend try a mixture of pear hard cider and framboise (raspberry beer). Ooh, sounds good—four all around.

Later, the trivia emcee shared a list of “jokes” along the lines of:

  • “When men say I’m not hungry, it means they aren’t hungry.”
  • “When women say how do I look, it means do I look fat.”
  • “When women say no, it means yes.”

When we got the bill, the pear/raspberry drink was identified as “PANTYD”. Someone asked:

“Pantydropper. I think it’s tacky, I don’t like to use it.”

Thank you, sir. I should have overtipped him more than I did.

Thankfully, we are taking a trivia hiatus for the summer, so hopefully I will have forgotten the sexism before I go back.

PS. Both drinks tasted damn good.