If you are in the grocery store, wearing a backpack, it’s because you don’t have a car. Took me a while to realize this, really, as I didn’t start driving until my second year of grad school. Since I had spent the last several years wearing a backpack, wearing it to the grocery (to be carefully packed with the heavy milk and orange juice) seemed totally normal. Once I started driving, I saw other people wearing backpacks in the grocery store and said, “hey, that looks odd.”

If you don’t bother with a bag when you are buying several items, it’s because all you are going to do is walk a few feet to a car, drive it home, and walk a few feet into your home—which means you have not only a car, but a house with a driveway. Most Monday nights on the way home from hula, I stop at the natural foods store on the corner and overpay for groceries to eat for dinner (I consider this my contribution to the depressed economy). I always buy three to five items—I never need a bag. That’s a luxury.

Marginally and tangentially inspired by The Rebel Letter.