Political Science is seriously letting students enroll for a fall class that is currently listed as DAY/TIME TBA in the online course offerings. WTF. And yes, that’s pretty much what I said to the student I was advising who pointed this out.

Double WTF. Something like half the spaces were filled, even.

Why is this school so fond of variant sequences? There are two biology sequences, two physics sequences, and FOUR calculus sequences. WTF. At least the honors vs regular chemistry sequences make sense.

There are also a ton of 100-level courses in various departments, presumably good courses to explore a major, that don’t count for major credit should you decide to become a major. WTF.

Human Physiology says that students can take either of the two biology sequences for the major, but only list the easier of the two bio sequences as a prereq for their more advanced classes. And apparently they do not want their majors taking honors chemistry at all? WTF. I also let that student know my opinion, as I advised her to play it safe by taking the easier variants.

People are really overwrought. Our admissions director reported parents hanging up on her, students in tears, because little things went wrong.

Actual WTF comment from me: “You might think in terms of professors and course descriptions when you pick classes, but the computer thinks in terms of CID [course ID number].” Student nodded like that made fine sense. But I need a better name than THE COMPUTER for the sub-piece of Banner that runs the course registration system (if ever I become a registrar, I’m branding that mess).