Actually, I went through a few new looks.

I was happy with my old theme, Ocean Mist, and may go back to it at some point, but wanted a bigger change than just a new header image.

Motion is beautiful, but I can’t inflict white-on-dark on anyone. I could just about read the white-on-teal, but it seemed hypocritical to stick with it.

I quite liked the dark blue Neat! theme (can’t find a link), especially the random little flowers, but it seemed to require me to bake the Prone to Laughter title into the custom header image—which is fine, that’s right about my level of photo-editing skill—but I couldn’t handle the thought of trying to figure out the perfect font to express Prone to Laughter. I dismissed Bueno as a theme option because it put Prone to Laughter in very blocky capitals that just didn’t match the words.

And although I’d put up with sans serif for ages, I really prefer to have the post text in a serif font, so I went looking for something that used serifs. There didn’t seem to be very many options.

So I went with Connections and a custom header: sulfur steaming from the ground in a valley I hiked over a mountain to get to.

By the way, for Blogger users: I get the sense you all have a lot more control over specific elements of a theme. is pick a theme and that’s what you get, with maybe a few elements customizable. To be honest, I prefer the Blogger themes (especially the blogrolls that re-order for recent posts), but I hate the way Blogger handles comments way more than I care about how the blog looks.