Quicken snarks at me when I try to record things without a category, and I’d rather not, myself.
But under which financial categories does one record things such as passport renewal fees, cost of new bank checks, fees for e-filing taxes, and similar accoutrements of doing business in the modern world?

Accidental late payment fees, etc, go under Bank Charges—which is also where I put rebates from credit cards, etc (although I noticed that banks counts a new account bonus as interest income for taxable purposes, which makes sense). I figure as long as the total account under Bank Charges comes up positive it’s all fine. But the cost of new checks doesn’t really seem to figure into my long-standing obsession of getting the better of the banks (did you realize that if you always pay off your credit cards, you can turn the usual three-week interest free loan into a SIX-week interest free loan by strategically charging things at the beginning of your credit card cycle instead of the end? Seriously, y’all, when I bought a new car in 2002 on a no-interest-for-five-years deal, it was like I had won a war).

Also, finances are currently a complete mess, with piles upon piles of receipts waiting on me to enter them. Seeing as how I have two un-activated ATM cards floating around (one is stuck to the fridge, the other is in my laptop bag in case I needed to activate it in Hawaii), I think I’m approaching the same nadir of disorganization that previously saw me trying to leave the country with expired credit and ATM cards. Must balance accounts soon, particularly since I don’t get paid again until September.

Must go pay my rent.