So, Apple released a new version of iTunes on Wednesday, and changed the icon for the first time since 2006 or so, and a lot of people think the icon is ugly.

So, yesterday, the iTunes 10 icon started tweeting. And for about six hours or so, suddenly about twenty different computer icons were tweeting, snarking on each other, pushing back at people. The Safari icon is a good place to get a bit of the flavor. People are talking about it under #iconsftw—it seems to still be going on a bit.

And, yeah, pure trivial silliness—but also a spin on the internet meme that I think takes a bit more work than hashtags, and works a bit more directly interactively than lolcats, and maybe has something intriguing to tell us about personas…. And I’m not really paying attention and don’t know much about various types of fandom, but what’s going on with these Star Trek characters?

Also, is anyone on twitter that I’m not already following? Because I’m terrible at commenting these days, and have just been lurking (or letting the RSS pile up over a thousand). And I’m not posting very much, either (though per usual, thoughts on brands, sewing, and community are brewing in drafts). So, anyhow, leave a twitter name in the comments if you’ve got it.