I’m not decided enough to put them in my calendar or actually sign up quite yet, but I don’t want to do all the work of re-reading the schedules all over again, only to realize I’ve missed something I wanted.

And, for the person who thinks, “oh, that sounds fun. I wish I could do that,” you can. Find room for creativity the same way you find the time and money for exercise—making things nourishes your soul.

My general guideline for classes is that I’m happy to pay about $10/hour to learn something from a skilled artisan (about twice the cost of a movie), but I’ve been paying $10/hour for a long time (since grad school in 1998? wait, really? what happened to inflation?), so it’s probably time to up that. Glass is the most expensive, and that comes in at no more than $15/hour, materials included. Yes, I’m taking advantage of some taxpayer subsidies before I leave this town.

(I don’t like to be mean, but I can’t help laughing to see that the city offers, for one hour at $7: “CD Burning on Your Computer: Learn how to save photos, music, and essential files onto blank CDs (two provided with class).” “Intro to Twitter” is two hours and $10. But they also have a lot of adaptive recreation classes for adults with disabilities, which is very cool.)

  • silk painting teaser, 29 Sept. I love painted silk scarves, but I’m a crap artist. Hmm.
  • fused glass magnets, 30 Sept. I’m not really that into fusing, but I do love magnets. Although I’m pretty oversupplied. Should skip.
  • weaving, from 11 Oct. Unfortunately on Monday nights, conflicts with hula.
  • glassblowing: ornaments, 11 Oct or 16 Nov. DEFINITELY. Sad I have to wait until November because of hula.
  • soaps, lotion, and lip balms, from 20 Oct. Wait, I don’t even buy that stuff. Why would I want to make it? Getting carried away.
  • photographing fall colors, from 20 Oct. DEFINITELY. A classroom session, then a trip where presumably you get hands-on advice in the field, then show&tell in the classroom. I’ve been looking for a class that would help me set up better pictures and adjust on the fly (as opposed to “how to use your digital camera”) for forever, and I almost missed it because I misremembered my teaching schedule.
  • glassblowing: paperweights, 22 Oct. I did last spring, but enjoyed, could get better, paperweights are functional gifts and acceptable clutter.
  • finishes for sewn knit tops, 28 Oct. DEFINITELY. My favorite type of sewing class—here’s a bunch of skills to practice and we’ll talk about some ways you might apply them.
  • supervised glassblowing, from 2 Nov. Would be good, but I need to think about what I want to make. I won’t yet have learned to do ornaments, which leaves me with a repertoire of paperweights, useless misshapen flowers, and totally unsymmetrical cups. But the class is smaller and I’d get more focused time (two evenings) to get better, against the one-evening paperweights class. That would be three straight Tuesdays of glassblowing.
  • purse organizer, 9 Nov. Really don’t need a purse organizer but these are made out of plastic pet screen, and learning how to sew that could be handy. Re-examine the demo next time I’m in the fabric shop.
  • wire and glass pendant, 18 Nov. Not sure about having the metalworking skills for that. Beginning metalworking conflicts with hula, although metal jewelry/wirework would probably be a more long-lasting skill than glassblowing, which I really don’t have a knack for.

Still pending: class schedule from the other sewing shop.