I really like these AdoptUsKids.org ads. They show a teen arguing with or being embarrassed by a parent (usually a mother, I think), and then end, capturing so much in a single line, “There are thousands of kids in foster care who would love the chance to put up with you.”

At first I was thinking it’s too bad they can only afford to run the ads at 1am, but maybe that’s actually a good demographic.

* * *

I’m perturbed that the religious channel is showing a “documentary” on the martyrdom of the Waldensians, who were imprisoned and then forced out of Italian Piedmont in 1686 by the vicious Roman Catholics because they refused to give up Protestantism. I did not know these things were out there. It seems to me to be stoking old hatreds that should be let die.

And then I wondered why I don’t think that about documentaries on slavery.