Dear English teacher: I do not understand how a student can shine at textual analysis but struggle with critical reading. (This may be because I am a historian, and read texts largely for content, sometimes tone, but never form?)

From a student essay: “Horror stories are often told about politics ruining people’s lives. Some politicians wind up in jail or have their marriages fall apart.” Um, that’s not the fault of politics.

On the part where we ask teachers to rank students, eg, “top 1%” “top 10%”, a math teacher gently rebuked us, writing “qualitative and hard to rank” next to questions about integrity and open-mindedness.

“I organized a 30 hour famine to benefit Africa.” I think you mean “fast”, honey. Only the Soviets organized a famine.

Should I give the English a teacher a pass on “right of passage”? (Think that’s an eggcorn)

Why yes, I do give more credence to letters that appear to be written by thoughtful intelligent people.