Judging by these scholarship applications, all of Latin America is overrun by church groups of high schoolers building schools, installing computers, tutoring kids, etc.

“Those who seek public office are targeted by cruel slander and newspaper smear articles.” What’s with these kids and their sympathy for politicians? Also, they invariably claim people run for public office out of their sincere passion to make that world a better place. Let a cynic pick this essay topic, and argue politicians are out for the power, fame, and sex, and I will fight to give you this scholarship no matter your SATs.

“Our Founding Fathers strove for equal representation in government.” If you say so, kid.

Is”25% Slovakian” is worth noting under “Ethnicity”? Slovakian, sure. But a single grandparent?

I’m not sure I’m really convinced by your eloquent defense that never getting a speeding or parking ticket as a teenager is one of your key achievements.

Student shared special circumstance of unemployment, foreclosure, tension at home affecting schoolwork. So I’m expecting to have to balance that against some low GPA, then I look to that section—and student has a 4.0. And 1400 SATs.