I’m really NOT impressed by the writing of the teacher who is teaching a high school class that ALSO receives credit for basic college composition.

I’m real suspicious of these two letters. Something makes me think maybe the college counselor writes all the letters?

Comic Sans still not okay just because you teach choir.

“I pride myself on being rigorous, but he had more talent than he needed for my class.” That is QUITE a statement.

“ignores conventional wisdom”—good—” and acts according to her own unique idealized reality.” Um.

Dear Chemistry teacher: is “diversity” really the right word to express that the student is well-rounded and helps make group work successful?

I don’t know what you teach in consumer education, but you better tell me if “Stu Dent has over 100% in the class” is going to mean anything. The fact that a student can earn over 100% does not convince me.

When you mention the student got an excellent score on the AP exam, you need to tell me what that was. Because previously a teacher tried to pretend a 3 was an honor grade, and I just don’t think so.

I’m really confused by how this student is enrolled in AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC at the same time.

“I used to define a good student by whether they could effectively communicate how much they knew. Stu Dent has helped me redefine that.” Um, not reassuring.

Telling me you’d trust a student with the passwords to your bank account and email kinda creeps me out, actually.