• Playing soccer as the only white kid on an all Latino team. That intrigues me.
  • I’m sorry, honey. I was a speedreader as a kid, so I’m not that impressed by you reading 35 books in a summer. Someone else might be.
  • I don’t know WHY you would ask the one teacher who conferred a C upon you to write your letter of recommendation.
  • “With great gifts come great responsibility.” Are you quoting Spiderman in your freaking college essay?
  • You used “effect” as a verb properly! Bonus point for the essay!
  • You know that Special Circumstances box? It’s a good place to explain things like how you spent a year abroad in China, or how it is that you live in Korea. It doesn’t have to be something bad.
  • If the guy teaching engineering thinks you aren’t the smartest kid he’s ever met, I’m not going to hold that against you.