Okay, if you tell me I can call your cell to get more info about this student, I’m impressed.

Finishing that sentence with 4 exclamation marks kinda undermined everything else you said. So does calling a student “the promise of our future.”

When the math teacher just writes in the box instead of attaching a letter, that’s not necessarily an issue. When the English teacher does it? I raise an eyebrow.

Interestingly, most of the time people write a few sentences in the box instead of attaching a letter, they are really good sentences, giving specific examples, as opposed to the vague fluff that tends to fill a letter.

Yeah. Don’t suck up by saying “yours is an outstanding university that will give her the guidance she needs” when you started the letter “to whom it may concern.”

Sir, that recommendation letter was so useful to me I printed it out to rant to other people about it.

Since I’m not looking for a character recommendation, saying you are a family friend actually undermines your credibility.

Huh. Getting a 10 page paper when the assignment was 4-6 pages would not brighten my day. I guess you’re different.

I really don’t know enough about music to understand how you teach analytical thinking and problem solving skills in a band class. You might wanna give me an example of what that means, cause it sounds like you are just hitting some buzzwords.

Oddly, I’m willing to accept “images show a remarkable intelligence” from the photography teacher.

And the accounting teacher who said that the way Stu Dent asked questions helped him find better ways to teach something? I give that credit.