Sometimes while reading these scholarship applications I wind up googling things.

Jay Mathews, reporter and editor for Newsweek and the Washington Post, created the top high schools ranking to draw attention to the value of having high school students tackle rigorous, college-level material. He wrote that he believes that is “vitally important for the improvement of America’s high schools.”

He cited studies that found the best way to predict whether students will graduate from college isn’t whether they got good grades in high school, but whether they took “intense” academic classes. Those students were more likely to graduate from college – even if they only scored a 2 on the AP exam.

To send a student off to college without the experience of an AP class and exam, Mathews wrote, “is dumb … educational malpractice. But most American high schools still do it.”

Interesting. Educational malpractice?

Also, I had no idea Newsweek used to rank the 1600 best high schools in the US from 1 to 1600. What a pointless exercise.