I’m finally done with applications. The last step: I was locked in a room all week with a few other people to read the review sheets and make final decisions. But here’s a last few random thoughts from reading, to keep my blog from seeming completely dead.

LOVE the teacher who wrote “she does not need you, or any university, to succeed.”

To the Schools

  • Putting a nature picture in the school profile that goes out with the transcript DOES NOT make your student look any better. To me, reading online, it’s just some smudgey black and white crap.
  • Seriously, you’re using Comic Sans on the transcript?
  • I don’t know why there are 4 copies of the transcript, but I’m only gonna look at one.
  • Also, private schools that send like six recommendations? Quit it. I’m only reading the required two. And those counselor letters? Not gonna win me over.
  • Who knew there were AP classes in Lit of the Grotesque and Renaissance Lit?
  • Um, are you creating additional Student Body elected positions (Entertainment Chair?) so that your students look better on college applications?