A humanities professor, a historian, junior faculty, female, a mac user….I’ll add my other identities as I decide to break them out. This is surely the most un-academic academic life blog.

For the things I blog about, scroll down past twitter and the blogroll for a category listing (or jump to the very bottom of the page).

Email me directly.

About my blog name.

About my posting name (which is “dance”, depending on the template it may or may not show).

My current avatar is a shot of Hayden Valley in Yellowstone. Before that, it was some characters from the font Wingdings. The old spiky black avatar was Gust from a set of Mac OS X icons designed by Jamie McCanless.

JPU is “Jumbo Public University”, where I did a fellowship once. I’m currently at a college that doesn’t offer or require a good pseudonym.

I originally set up this blog in June 2006, but did not really start blogging consistently until March 2007.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. steve Says:

    Aww, I am disappointed I didn’t make your list of academic blogs… *smile*

  2. Dance Says:

    My blogroll is way shorter than the blogs I actually read (and I’ve just added yours to that list)—it’s sort of the blogs where I’m more likely to comment. I’d add more to it if I could figure out how to single space the list, to be honest.

  3. Steve Says:

    I will have to look and see if I can figure out how to fix the double-spacing problem.


  4. Dance Says:

    Well, I can’t edit the CSS without paying, and if I’m going to pay, there’s a load of things I’d do, so I’m waiting until I feel like I have a lot of time to mess with it.

  5. ussaworldpolitics Says:

    You would hate me…, but cool site…, good luck with humanities…, why did you not enter into Human Rights Division with your education? If you are a humanities professor track into the site and provide a concrete piece of advise when I lose my temper with those who violate human and civil rights of others…, officially run real politics, and state of affairs…, same person who’s on the government communication lines disruptions…, good day professor, I am not one of your students…, done though with the education…, sad to say your entire name in clearness was not on the site – it would have been a global shout out…, taken time out of politics and correspondences to read others writings…, I am usually the news maker, but anyway stumbled on your site…, cooooool…, a humanitarian? Or professor only? To be a humanitarian at times, a person has to exert force on those who violate it…, have a nice day professor…,

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