• An iPod/iPhone charger that only works the original iPhone and older iPods.
  • A iPod FM transmitter that only works for iPods from before 2005 or so.
  • An iPod/iPhone charger-and-FM transmitter that emits a constant buzz through the radio.
  • A Nokia car charger from 2003 that I was keeping just in case I had to retreat to my emergency free Nokia at some point in my life.

Alternate title: things removed from my glove compartment when I accidentally left the car unlocked in my driveway and some sketchy person wandering by rifled though the car.

Really, I should thank the person for helping me get rid of some clutter. Inconveniently, I did have one last road trip planned before buying the next iPhone and having to update all my accessories anyhow, but oh well.

  • Four dresses I’m perfectly happy with, just waiting for a good moment to wear them. Pictures taken so I can start cataloguing my closet in an iPhone app.
  • One dress and one skirt jettisoned.
  • Three dresses and two skirts in the “refashion” pile. The dresses and one skirt to be converted into long tanktops, the other skirt to go from ankle-length velvet to knee-length velvet with a kicky ruffle.
  • Two dresses I can jettison as soon as I know I can sew something better for myself.
  • Next year’s Halloween costume, as a bridesmaid.

Both my mother and I hoard glassware.

Why does a single woman need 38 wine/champagne/martini glasses, mostly crystal? I do not know. It was okay when I regularly threw a party, and used the glasses (except for the 4 expensive ones), but I haven’t thrown a party since I moved into the secret garden cottage. (I also have approximately 16 tall drinking glasses and 8 short ones, and probably 15 mugs. When I am being particularly lazy about running the dishwasher, I do use most of the mugs.)

My mother is far worse than I am, though. She also hoards dishes and plates. She is the only person who can unload her dishwasher, because there’s some sort of magical system required to make all the dishes fit in the cabinets. (My sister, who hates clutter, insists Mom is three years away from getting on Hoarders.)

Anyhow, Mom went to an estate sale and bought 26 pieces of Waterford crystal. I started to yell at her for getting more stuff. But then she said it was only $20.

“Well, hell, you can put that in the dishwasher.”

About six years ago, in grad school, I bought a floor-length purple velvet gown, quite fitted, just because it was $22 (which was more money then, but still cheap) and was really pretty, and looked good on me, and hey, you never know when you’ll need a fancy dress, right? (there was a department Christmas party once where I outfitted two other women from my closet)

Tuesday some friends threw an inaugural ball and I finally whipped it out my closet.

and we are all up against the wall, because the credit system has collapsed, and the populace has rejected the necessary delusion that a little piece of green linen actually has value—then, the barter system will make the packrat king of the world.

More discounted software to hoard! Deal expires in a day!

I could use Swift Publisher to make this newsletter I have to do! Yep might be the answer to organizing my PDF articles! Mindmapping application! Virtual fish tank!

…Virtual fish tank?

Actually, the mind-mapping app says:

In XMIND, you can plan your meeting effortlessly by creating an agenda and finalizing details in one map with the hierarchical structure.

Is it that hard to plan a meeting?

I’m working on breaking the caffeine habit, so I didn’t buy more black tea. Instead I went into my tea archive,* and pulled out an old gift from a friend, “flowery, fruity tea” from a fancy shop with a French name and offices in France and Japan.

The tea doesn’t specify herbal, and it comes out pretty dark, and I haven’t gotten my little caffeine withdrawal headache around noon since I’ve been drinking it….

I think I’m lying to myself.

*Yes, I have a tea archive, aka random boxes of tea that I’ve owned for a while. Some of them have lived in two or three states with me. Next up: tea brought from China around Christmas 2003.

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