Honestly, though, a retrospective of classic soul ballads from the 60s and onward? With old footage? That’s worth watching. The hair! The outfits! The dances! The outfits!


When a student emails:

Thanks for a very informative and thorough class

I hear “boring”.


Lately I’ve using my headphones as I walk to school (~25 minutes) but I have to be careful about the music so that I don’t wind up dancing at stoplights.


My university changed the voicemail system while I was gone, and figuring out how to check it just hasn’t been a priority this fall. So the light has been blinking at me all semester. I hope I’m right that a single blink means only one message.

So, if you import a CD into iTunes without getting the names of the songs first, the filename on your hard drive will be Track 01, Track 02, etc. Forever.

Not on my computer, that’s not gonna happen.

11 CDs? 168 soft rock classics?

The best part of the infomercial was the lady saying “these songs take me right back to high school, the best time of my life.” That’s sad.

Well, maybe the best part was when they got to the eighties and showed snippets of “videos,” or what passed for videos back in the day. But they should have stopped before they hit the nineties.

Funny enough, they wouldn’t tell you how much it cost. But they would tell you that you could have a 30-day preview for just $10 plus S&H. That’s an invitation to preview, rip to computer, and send back, right?

I’m pretty sure, though, that you can still hear all these songs across America, played on radio stations with the tagline “today’s hits, yesterday’s favorites.”

The “Morbid” playlist has 13 songs, at present.*

There are three songs about domestic abuse—

Anthony Hamilton, Lucille
Dionne Farris, Don’t Ever Touch Me Again
Tracy Chapman, Behind the Wall

two songs about rape—

Tori Amos, Me and a Gun
Cry Cry Cry, I Know What Kind of Love This Is

and one song about being raped by your father.

Sweet Honey in the Rock, Colours

There are two songs about suicide or murder—

Kelly Rowland, Stole
Angie Stone, What U Dyin’ For

two songs about being unjustly accused of crimes—

10,000 Maniacs, I’m Not the Man
Richard Marx, Hazard

two songs about being lonely and unloved—

Janis Ian, At Seventeen
Cry Cry Cry, I Know What Kind of Love This Is [repeat appearance! extra morbid song]

one song about divorcing parents—

Pink, Family Portrait

and one song about just being plain crazy—

Pink, Split Personality [repeat appearance for Pink! one wonders]

Sometimes this existence of this playlist worries me.

* Morbid is not really the correct word, but it’s the one I started with, and the connotations feel right even if the meaning is not quite spot on.

So, this is the second time I’ve watched American Idol and just decided they set their contestants up for failure. First, when they all had to sing a Diana Ross song. Not everyone can sing Diana Ross. Last night, when they are making everyone sing Latin-style (Jennifer Lopez as guest artist). Not everyone can handle singing Latin-style. Both nights, the judges were lukewarm.

Love songs by people who are clearly lying to themselves…in order from least deluded to most. I blame songs like these for a lot of the ills in contemporary American culture.

He Doesn’t Know I’m Alive, Janet Jackson

talk to him? oh, no, I haven’t even tried

…at least she knows exactly what’s going on.

Congratulations, Vesta Williams

we never really said goodbye
thought we’d give it one more try

…But now, he’s marrying someone else.

When You Think of Me,
Eric Benet

do you feel like dying
do you break down crying
do you fall down on your knees
don’t wanna go on living
does your world start spinning
when you think of me

…I think that’s just you.

After The Pain, Betty Wright

having a piece of a man,
is better than having no man at all
so I’m gon’ just take what I got
and work with it

…I beg to differ.

We Belong Together, Mariah Carey

…I don’t really need to quote from this one, because the concept that certain people belong together is bad enough. If you belonged together, you would be together, not broken up and singing about it. Yet, it gets worse…

Always Been Your Girl, Heather Headley

can you tell me that I’m not her
say I’m not the one who completes your world
who should share your name
who should wear your ring
when I’ve always been your girl
can you tell me I’m not the one
to be the mother of your unborn son

…let’s not even get me started on the concept of “the one.”

What If,

that could be my car
that could be my house
that could be my baby boy that you’re nursing

…hello? she has a child by someone else. This song, I could have typed out all the lyrics.

Fun playlist, though. Especially that last one. Hate the sentiments, like the songs.

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